Onward School Philosophy!

    Our philosophy here at Onward Daycare  is to provide the best possible care for each child entrusted to us. Therefore we seek teachers that have warm, nurturing, caring personalities and attitudes. The art of teaching young children calls for flexibility, inner steadiness, clarity of purpose, a thoughtful mind, empathy for and a belief in people, and a questioning innovative spirit.

They share the following goals with us: 

  1. To help children feel secure and understand that there are those who can be trusted and who deserve respect.
  2. To help children see that there is a special place where they are needed and loved.
  3. To help children have successful experiences which have meaning for them.
  4. To help children accept themselves as they are and accept others differences.
  5. To help children develop a curiosity about the world around them.  
  6. To widen the range of children’s experiences and develop children’s imaginations.  


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